E-learning Providers (NGOs)

  1. Name: Diwa Asia Publishing Group
  2. Product: Genyo is a state-of-the-art online e-Learning Management Program that comes complete with rich interactive multimedia content on Science, Math, English, Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, and Chinese. It also features an online resource portal and an intensive teacher training program to ensure success and sustainability of your school’s e-learning program. The next generation Genyo Version 5, developed in cooperation with Singapore-based LEAD (LEArning eDvantage) allows easily accessible, web-based management program for ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Learning.
    URL: http://www.diwa.ph/global/contactus.php

  3. Name: Careerline Courses Asia
  4. Product: Careerlinecourses Asia's Programming Courses deliver wide arrays of internationally recognized certificate programs, starting from the basic principles of creating websites using HTML and CSS, to more advanced programming languages of JavaScript, SQL or Structured Query Language, and Visual Basic. For learners and professionals who want to start a career involving computer hardware, there are Computer Networking and Servicing courses to choose from. IT Professionals and students who are interested to move on to the next level can study Advanced Programming and Information Security. On the other hand, full-time employees, home based professionals and people with disabilities who want to establish a career in IT but is restricted by tight working schedules or access to computer schools can now avail of computer online courses. Careerlinecourses has made things easier for everyone to learn the principles of Information Technology through online learning at the comfort of their homes or wherever they may be, provided they have access to a computer and the Internet.
    URL: http://www.careerlinecourses.asia/index.php

  5. Name: Kalibrr
  6. Product/Service: Free online training covering the fields of business process outsourcing especially skills in English and Math
    URL: http://www.kalibrr.com/

  7. Name: edX
    Product/Service: Entry to Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and now Berkeley University of California is now free for anyone in the world! Choose from their free courses via edX
    URL: https://www.edx.org/ 

  8.  Name: Codecademy
    Product/Service: Free step-by-step modules on various programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, JQuery among others. Sign up as a learner or as module creator. Lessons are short and interactive, with actual exercise on the page for instant practice.
    URL: Codecademy.com

  9. Name: Coursera
    Product/Service: Dreaming of attending Stanford University? How about Princeton University? Coursera makes access to this premier universities not just possible, but also FREE and EASY. Choose from almost 200 courses.
    URL: Coursera.org

  10. Name: Certificate in Digital Marketing
    Product/Service: Certificate programs delivered online, with initial module sessions with actual class meetings. Backed by educational institutions like AIM, ADMU, DLSU as well as online business, media and broadcast organization groups.
    URL: CDM 

  11. Name: eTuro
    Product/Service: Free online learning resource powered by publisher Vibal.
    URL: e-turo.org

  12. Name: CodeClub
    Product/Service: Framework for teaching coding to kids, free and volunteer-powered. Based in the UK but available online.
    URL: codeclub.org.uk
Other Not-for-profit Organizations
  1. Hapinoy
    URL: http://hapinoy.com/index.html
    What they do: Provide micro lending, training, support and infrastructure to sari-sari store owners.
    Coverage: National - Philippines
    Notable people behind it: Bam Aquino

  2. TEN Moves - Bayanihang Pampaaralan
    URL: http://www.tenmoves.org/
    What they do: They raise funds to build Ten Thousand (10,000) classrooms through Ten (10) Peso donations for Ten (10) Months. They have identified areas around the Philippines that need the most urgent and greatest needs to build new classrooms for. They work with institutions as well as individuals based in the Philippines and abroad.
    Coverage: National - Philippines
    Notable people/team behind it: Ayala Foundation, Philippine Business for Social Progress

  3. Mithing Pangarap Education Foundation Inc.
    URL: http://www.mpefi.org/
    What they do: For almost 30 years now, this small yet faithful group has been educating preschool children in Smokey Mountain. They also provide livelihood activities for the residents there. The school is well known for creating students that are proficient in math, bagging competition medals hosted by Philippine Kumon Center.
    Coverage: Local - Manila
    Notable people behind it: Mrs. Iluminada Gomez-Woelhaff

  4. Bridges Foundation, Inc.
    URL: http://bridgesph.com/
    What they do: This NGO offers world-class education to special children. Recently, they have built the first-ever web-based IEP Generation and Monitoring software in the Philippines. IEP or Individualized Education Program/ Plan (IEP) is a basic requirement for schools catering to children with special needs. The IEP is a written plan that specifies the students’ academic goals and the method to obtain these goals.
    Coverage: Local - Metro Manila
    Notable people behind it: Cecil Sicam, the school directress of Bridges Foundation, Inc. She went to Santa Clara County Office of Education, California, USA to teach SpEd for three years and then came back to serve Filipino children with special needs. Teacher Cecil is a co-founder and was national president of Autism Society Philippines.

  5. Kalipay Negrense Foundation
    URL: http://www.kalipaynegrensefoundation.org/
    What they do: Based in Bacolod City in Negros, this not-for-profit foundation works for the causes of disadvantaged children - homeless, physically and sexually abused, malnourished, out of school and special children.
    Coverage: Local - Bacolod
    Notable people behind it: She was born and raised in Negros Occidental but spent some 20 years working in Spain.

  6. Kris Library
    URL: http://www.krislibrary.com/
    What they do: Fighting poverty through education, Kris has opened public libraries in Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay, Metro Manila, Davao City, and Rizal equipped with computers too. They also give out education scholarships to students in Zamboanga City.
    Coverage: Local - QC and Zamboanga
    Notable people behind it: Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Armand Dean N. Nocum and UP Oblation scholar daughter Arizza Ann S. Nocum

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