Tony Wagner

Who is Tony Wagner
First Innovation Education Fellow at the Technology & Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, he is a passionate advocate for teaching 21st Century skills as a way to jump-start the economy and children’s minds.

He lists the new 7 skills students need to succeed in this century. They are:

  1. CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING - analytical, rigorous in testing assumptions
  2. COLLABORATION ACROSS NETWORKS AND LEADING BY INFLUENCE - leadership across the board, leadership by influence not authority 
  3. AGILITY AND ADAPTABILITY - ability to cope with changes, as change is the new business
  4. INITIATIVE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP - creative solutions to tough and challenging problems
  5. EFFECTIVE ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION - ability to communicate both written and oral presentations
  6. ACCESSING AND ANALYZING INFORMATION - with all these information available, people should be prepared to process the information effectively
  7. CURIOSITY AND IMAGINATION - employers like employees who comes up with a clever interpretation, something added personally

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