Grade 1 Body Parts Reviewer

Human trunk reviewer
The Human Trunk
1. Shoulder
2. Chest - heart and lungs are inside your chest
3. Abdomen - stomach and intestines are inside your abdomen. Navel or belly button connected the umbilical cord which was cut off when you were born.
4. Trunk - the whole trunk is made up of many bones which make up the vertebral column, ribs and hipbones. The ribs support the chest.

Limbs labels

Print both photos and cut out the labels. Then match them with the numbered body parts.

The limbs has two parts: upper and lower.

Upper limbs:
1. Upper arm
2. Elbow
3. Forearm
4. Wrist
5. Hand - palm and fingers

Lower limbs:
1. Thigh
2. Knee
3. Lower leg or shank
4. Ankle
5. Foot

The limbs move the most among our body parts. They reach out, pick things up, grasp and hold. They walk, run and jump for us.

Sense organs

Photo credits: 
Her innocent eyes by ZolashineAthlete Portraits: 1st Lt. Ryan McGuire by Airman Magazine(U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III)Pilot Major Cecil Powell and the X-24A on Lakebed by Nasa on the Commons

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