Philippine Trees Almanac Identifyer

The Philippines' climate makes it wonderful for plants and animals to thrive. All over the world, we rank third in terms of natural resources. As part of my third grader's lesson of Philippine plants and animals and weather, we went around our neighborhood collecting samples of various Philippine tree leaves.

I printed an image of each tree with a close up of their leaves and started our hunt.
Cloudy day perfect for leaf hunting

We were hoping to find these trees:

Narra - Found this. It has seedlike flowers/fruits similar to that of a talisay.

Acacia - Found this. Most furniture in Tartaria, Cavite use this wood.

Molave - Not found

Mahogany - Found this. The brown fruit reminds me of chico and kiwi.
Around 30 years ago, mahogany trees were used as electricity posts because of its straightness.

Apitong - Not found

Yakal - Not found

Instead, we found this fragrant tree which was really fortunate because we were reading the Alamat Ng Ilang-Ilang  and we were able to spot this because of the flower's shape and smell.

Ylang-ylang flower
Ylang-ylang tree and leaves

A great resource for learning about Philippine trees is the Green Almanac of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc This collection offers pictures and descriptions of our trees, its parts and its uses. Go ahead and check it out and start identifying your trees. Thank you for this effort and congratulations for making this publicly available.

Other resources:

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