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Abnegation - noun. self denial; Filipino: pagpapakasakit
The prince finally realized what is important in life, and gave up all his worldly goods as start of his abnegation.

Abrogate - verb. to annul or repeal; Filipino: magpawalang-bisa
The new cabinet secretary would like to abrogate the existing color coding scheme to improve traffic problems in major cities of the country.

Ad hominem - Latin. short for argumentum ad hominem which is arguing by appealing to emotion; attacking the motive, character or other attribute of the person making the argument; 
Attacking the CEO because of his irrational behavior is an ad hominem strategy.

Harbinger - noun. a person or thing that signals the approach of another; Filipino: tagapagbalita
The 9-day straight rainpour is enough harbinger that the rainy season is upon us.

Lackey - noun. a servant; Filipino: tagasunod
Would you vote for a political candidate who treats women like servants and men like lackeys?

Singularity - noun. condition or state of being unique; Filipino: kakaibahan
What's admirable about him is his determination and singularity of purpose to eliminate prohibited drugs in the Philippines.

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